As a business, we are even more responsible for our choices as our main business activity is to produce products for you and our wider community. And we'd like to do better for you.

Although there really are some things we can't change or reduce, we will do what we can as a business.

We are not branding ourselves as a sustainable brand and we know that we are very far from being circular, but we are committed in taking all the steps that we can to make some of our processes sustainable.

In an effort to reduce plastic, we have replaced our plastic cups with paper bags. The price will remain the same - which also means we can fit a little more :) Cutting caps off Tetra Paks!   
Our beverage cold cups are made from PET plastic and our hot cups are paper-based with a biodegradable lid.
All Tetra-pak based packaging, cans, bottles and everything in between gets recycled every Saturday at our local Green@Community pick-up point. All goods are also bought in bulk to avoid retail individually packaged items.
We are also working with a few farms to see where we can compost and bring some of our food scraps to.