Do you have a physical store? Can I order during weekdays?

We have our own kitchen located in the heart of Central! But this will not be a walk-in service. We will remain as a pre-order service with the exception of extras made on the day, which will be announced on Instagram.

How do I order?

Please head over to our "Pre-Order" page, you will be able to select your item and which date you'd like it on. There are limited boxes each day and all orders are on a first come first serve basis. Orders are confirmed once payment is made. Please make payment within 24 hours or your slot will be given to the next customer.

What payment do you accept?

This will be a cashless transaction! You will be given instructions at the end of your order.

Can I cancel my order?

As we make everything from scratch and will need to plan the orders ahead, we will not be able to take any same-day cancellations. However, if something comes up and you cannot make it - please do let us know 2 days in advance (before your allocated time).

Are you licensed?

Yes, we are. If you need additional details or the license number - please contact us.

What’s in the donut?

Our donuts are made with love and our secret combination of flour, yeast, eggs and dairy. The glazes and frosting will vary but will contain full cream milk.

Are your donuts vegetarian?

Yes, they are if you’re lacto-ovo vegetarian! The only “animal” products we use are milk and eggs. Psst, we also use vegetable oil.

I have a nut allergy. Are your donuts safe to eat?

As we are operating in an open-shared kitchen, we cannot guarantee that cross-contact with peanut-containing products will not occur. Please, if you are allergic to any type of nuts, avoid purchasing ! Your health and safety is extremely important !

What’s in the brownies?

The brownies have a special ratio of cocoa powder, chocolate chips, flour, butter and eggs. For toppings we do use peanut butter, so please if you have any allergies, please resist the temptation !

Do you deliver?

Yes, we do. We have partnered with Gogovan to make our deliveries. We don’t suggest delivery for donuts as we cannot guarantee the quality after it arrives. However, brownies are much easier to handle - so delivery will be available for them. If you really want to deliver donuts, please contact us.

Have more questions?

Drop us a line! We love a good chat:)